06 Dec

Magical power beings to help your health.

Eir - Norse healing goddess and valkyrie

Armid - Celtic goddess of healing and herbs

Gula - Mesopotamian goddess of medicine

The Pheonix - immortal bird associated with recovery, regeneration, rebirth

St Corona - Patron saint of epidemics

Serket - Egyptian goddess of medicine and protector from venomous stings and bites

Babalú-Ayé - Orisha invoker of and protector from diseases

Chalchiuhtotolin the precious night turkey - Aztec god of plague  

Szeptucha, one who whispers - traditional Polish woman-healer

Emma Kunz - Swiss visionary and artist-healer

Apollo - Greek god who invokes and protects from plagues

Gemini and the Moon - astrological bodies associated with the ebb and flow of breath and blood, and associated body parts

Bhaisajyaguru - the medicine Buddha

Polik-mana/Butterfly Maiden - Hopi kachina who dances and lands on the healing plants.

Shaushka - Hurrian-Hittite goddess of sex and healing. 

Beaivi - Sami goddess of healing sunshine and sanity

The bear - Shaman spirit animal associated with healing

Ixchel - Mayan goddess of medicine

Hariti - Indian child healing goddess

Hildegard of Bingen - German Benedictine nun, physician and medical writer

Sitala - Hindu goddess of smallpox and disease

Amazake babaa - Japanese goddess of smallpox 

Belin - Slavic god of healing waters

Chiron the centaur - physician, mentor and teacher

Mami Wata - African water spirit who bears the burden of others' diseases

Sirona - Gaulish goddess of healing

Heka - Egyptian god of medicine

Raphael - Archangel responsible for healing-related miracles

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