15 Nov

Here are some music videos I made using the Instagram Stories function and its default collection of animated gifs.

I thought I should probably write something to go with them, like how in making these I’m subverting Instagram’s intended purpose; and that it’s DIY and punk; and that I’m pushing a tool to its limits; and that the tool is pretty much free and available to everyone; and that I’m collaborating with others and supporting my community; and that I’m exploring the inherent qualities of the medium; and that the product is a record of its own creation; and that actually I am a serious, fully-aware, boundary-pushing, politically right-on, digital artiste and not just someone mucking around on their phone while Celebrity Treasure Island’s on in the background.

All the songs are great! As are all the musicians! Here are the videos in the backwards order of their making, most recent to least.

Greg Malcolm - In the Basement

Cootie Cuties - Freebleeder

The Cuticles - Rogue Feather, Life Hunter 

William Henry Meung - A Very Moving Unit

Pumice - Necklace on a Necklace

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