22 Apr

Originally a Facebook rant.

I am weary of people assuming I like Simon Hanselmann's comics. I think his drawing is ok, and that he's skilled at what he does. But his business-savy-carefully-curated-scumbag-for-middle-class-hipsters approach is not my cup of tea. When I want filth, itching, despondency, depression, bestiality, substance abuse,  squeamishness and confrontation, I read Viz.Also I cannot think of any context - physical or philosophical - where the Fat Slags wouldn't kick Megg's arse.

And one last thing - what story, song, poem, visual image, film HASN'T depicted depression as a listless bleak catatonia, a suffocating in a world of blackness, and a surrounding of by demons?! I's not dark or powerful or insightful. It's pretty much the same picture you get from Shutterstock

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