07 Jan

These are some of the wee animations I made using the Instagram story function and its standard gifs. They did have music but the technology gods don't let you export it. 

If you want to try animating, this is the EASIEST WAY IN THE WORLD -
1. Make a new Insta story
2. Go to gifs
3. Muck around with whatever gifs you fancy; make them huge or tiny, use heaps of different ones or multiple copies of the same, layer them etc.
4. Add some music
5. Post
You can also save them as videos once they're posted for use in other places. Just go to the 'more' menu in the corner.

It's really fun, quick, simple and a great creative brain massaging flow activity. You also get to nonchalantly say to people at parties, "oh yeh, I'm animator"


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